Fresnel lighting inspection system


Recently, in the manufacture of precision test equipment and semiconductor substrate, such as electronic substrate, technique for capturing an image of the exact object to be inspected, and to analyze the image on a computer has been used. More specifically, resolution, depth of focus and contrast have to meet the requirements. Inc. Mejiro Genossen is pleased to offer optical imaging inspection products called “Fresnel lighting inspection system” that meet these requirements at a low cost. “Fresnel lighting inspection system” consists of a product of the illumination system and the imaging system. The illumination system is intended to illuminate the object as an object to be inspected. Imaging system forms an image of the object which is illuminated, and it allows Imaging element such as CCD can detects the image.(See photo right).The definition of the required image of the inspected object can be represented by the resolution.For example, if the resolution of 10um is required, CCD that can image the 10um and imaging lens resolution is obtained of 10um with the appropriate wavelength are required. Uniform illumination and Efficient lighting are also required in order to obtaina clear image.For this purpose, “Fresnel lighting inspection system” adops LED light source and a very unique Fresnel lends that keep the lighting village. Each of these elements is complete, you can get an accurate picture necessary to test for the first time (see photo below). Ltd. Mejiro Genossen, which offers Fresnel lighting system and various imaging system corresponding to various conditions , it is possible to purchase in alone, or in combination to each individual. flenelpic03e

2.Product configuration

The products on “Fresnel lighting inspection system” are divided into two categories that are product of the illumination system and product of the imaging system ・product of the illumination system : Product of the illumination system consists of LED lighting, plate-shaped rod prism, collimator lens, iris Sigma, and fresne lens with apodizing filter. [Classification]
Fixed Lens(visible)
High magnification fixed focus
Fixed Lens(ultraviolete)
Float Lens
Float Lens(high magnification)
Float Lens(low magnification)
・product of the imaging system: Product of the imaging system includes only lens, does not include imaging element. The imaging lens are various available according to the required resolution and the size of the object to be inspected.The imaging lens is broadly divided into two categories, one is ORTH lens with magnification fixed another is lens with variable magnification. And we can also provide you with floating lens by fixing at a magnifidation of specific.